Costs/Yields for a Photovotaic installation in Greece

10KWp Rooftop installation

Here for the quick readers:

PV Roof installation
max. size
 10 KWp
 5 KWp
33.500,00 €
34.500,00 € 
7.700,00 €
8.250,00 € 
Running costs 5 %
-385,00 €
-412,00 €
Yearly revenue
7.315,00 €
7.838,00 €
Running time 
25 Years 
25 Years 
Inflation compensation 
0,25 %
0,25 %
1. The costs.
A roof system needs a roof, which should be as inclined to the south, ideally about 80 square meters. By too small roof space or unsuitable rooftop, the facility will be correspondingly smaller. Even flat roofs or hipped roofs can be used.


There are all sizes from 1 to 10 kWp possible. 10 kWp is the upper limit. Who does not have enough space on the roof can increase the roof area, eg Terrace, annexe, balcony, ... it depends on the individual conditions.
We calculate for example an adequate roof with the correct angle, facing south.
It will look something like this:



A 10 kWp installation costs assembled between 28,000.00 € and 35,000.00 €. The differences stem from the fact that the modules and inverters, depending on country of origin and manufacturer have different prices.
You also need to plan for the costs of DEH (Greek electricity company). The application costs 500 €, and the processing of the application, including an electrical drawing another 1,500.00 €.


Our sample system now costs including claims, drawings, materials, installation and all connections 34.5000,00 €.
2. Revenues and running costs.

After the plant was approved, ordered, built and connected to the mains, you get for every kilowatt hour (kWh) that you put into the mains grid paid for by the DEH. The DEH you paid for each kWh 55 cents.

The returns on this investment are now only dependent on the sunlight.
For the annual average Sonneneinstrahlmenge in Greece, there are now very reliable data.
So you can expect, for example in southern Greece, 1400 kWh / kWp.


That means, would the plant be only 1kWp large, then one could use this little system to reap 1400 kWh per year. Für each KWh pay the DEH 55 cents, for 1400 KWh which is 770.00 € a year. In our example, we have 10 kWp, so we get a factor of ten, 7,700.00 € a year.
Incidentally, in Crete can one plan with 1500 kWh / kWp per year, (8,250.00 €).
Of these amounts 5% should be deducted for insurance, maintenance and in reserve for repairs.
The contract with the DEH has a 25 year's duration, and there is also an inflation compensation. (0.25%)
The contract with the DEH must be made exclusively as a private person, and thus no taxes payments.


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