The Greek Photovoltaic Market is just about to be sold out. Until 2014 the upper limit for PV generators in the countryside  will be 1,5 GW. In the offices of RAE, DEH/PPC and DESMIE more than twice as many applications are waiting to be approved. Roof and industrial areas still are the favorites. In 2010 appr. 150 MW have been installed. We estimate that in 2011 this number will be doubled.
PV Installers and others  point out that it is nearly impossible to obtain a new license from 100 KWp onwards which will be approved in a reasonable time frame.
In the meantime Greek companies and PV licenses owners are asking foreign companies and investors for partnership or to buy licenses.
We are proud that SolarCenterSE has successfully entered the Greek Marketplaces for PV investors, who are interested  in purchasing Photovoltaic licenses in Greece. Licenses of 800 KWp have been sold and 2 MWp are in negotiation right now.

In 2010 and 2011 Greece is and will be one of the TOP places in the world for Photovoltaic investments. High solar irradiation and the high fee paid by the Public Power Company are an exceedingly profitable combination.


We assist foreign and local investors in realizing their own Greek Photovoltaic investment. Our offers include projects that have already passed a preliminary feasibility assessment, currently comprising projects that amount to 7 MWp of nominal power for Photovoltaic. An increasing number of turnkey PV licenses are currently entering the market, as local owners are facing financing problems and prefer a immediate revenue to a long term investment.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our offers or if you simply want to know more about the Greek Photovoltaic market.

Our offices are in Athens and Kalamata.

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